Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Our Water Baby

Addison, I have always known kids who love the water and have no fear.  I never thought I'd have one of those babies.  I am not too comfortable in the water, so I guess it just never crossed my mind.  Your daddy and I have had the most fun taking you to the pool and the lake.  You are a blast in the water.  Our little fish, Addison.  I hope we didn't hinder your love of the water by not putting you in swimming lessons this year, but sweet girl, they will be at the top of my list come May next year :)  Here is your love in action:
{baby pool @ Thornwood}
{loving it}
{big cheese}
{at Uncle Jim's pool, splashing away}
{freezing, but happy}
{laughing nonstop}
{my world in a nutshell}

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