Tuesday, September 4, 2012

5 Generations

{Me, Addison, my mom, my mom's mom, and my mom's mom's mom}
{they're a little dark, but these are PRICELESS!!!}
I am SO SO SO SO SO glad that Mike and I made the drive down to Rolla for Wes and Michael's high school graduation.  We missed the ceremony but were there for both of the parties and some much needed family time.  We drove in good time and enjoyed our bonding experience.  Thanks to the iPad for providing some entertainment for Addison.  Yes, these pictures are 4 months late :)  That's about how far along things are running around here!  Anyways...sometimes a four generations picture is hard to come by these days.  My family has great genes and my great grandma is still kicking.  She's in great condition and we were excited to see her, as it has been awhile.  Addison cooperated for the most part.  A five generations picture was a must.  So here they are in all their glory!

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  1. So rare to get a 5 generation picture. This is awesome and Addie will be so lucky to have when she grows up!