Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Our 2.0

Baby B 2.0, fear not, we love you just as much as your big sister Addison.  I am sorry your blog posts have been minimal.  I blame her for taking up all of my free time.  I guess it's fair to blame you too though.  If I do have free time, like when Addison goes to bed or during nap time on the weekends, I am exhausted and feel like I should be sleeping too.  I am growing you in my belly for heaven's sake, I need my rest!
{22 weeks}
{25 weels}
So here's a little update for you.  As of tomorrow, we are at 26 weeks!  I have gained roughly 15 pounds.  I feel HUGE.  This time I feel less cute prego and more out of shape.  I have not worked out since I got a positive pregnancy test (for the most part).  I was so sick in the beginning and restarting CrossFit after weeks off when pregnant isn't incredibly smart.  However, not working out is not smart either.  I am just hoping I can recover and get into a routine post #2 in an amount of time I am happy with :)

2.0 is about two pounds and is opening his or her eyes this week.  I am into maternity pants...shirts are hit or miss.  Most of the styles these days welcome a baby bump- thankfully.  For some terrible reason, the market ups the prices of maternity clothes b/c women have to purchase them.  It's great spending money when you are gaining weight and only going to be able to use these clothes for a fairly small window in life.  I know the weight gain is good and some stores have stylish, cute maternity clothes.  They are expensive.  And I have other things to spend my hard earned dough on ;)

I crave sweet and salty things...again.  Maybe 2.0 is a girl.  I really have no clue or feeling.  I always want Mexican food.  Breakfast doesn't sound good unless it's terrible for me and takes awhile to cook.  This makes Monday through Friday morning tough for me.  Thankfully, I do not feel sick like I did the first several weeks.

I've had more pain this time around.  I am sure they are growing pains...but always on my left side.  I will be talking to the doctor about this at our next appt.  I was also thinking the baby's head might be resting nicely on my nerves or bone or something else down there.  It's pretty painful.  I also forget that while I was working the first time around, the circumstances were different.  I could sit down, drink water, and use the restroom when I wanted.  It wasn't a bad deal...let me tell ya!

Ok, 2.0 it's almost time for Addison to go to bed and Daddy is tired of taking care of her craziness solo :)  Time for Mommy to head out.  I sure can't wait to meet you and find out what you are.  I really think you will be best friends with your big sister one day, no matter if you are a boy or a girl <3 p="p">Photobucket

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