Monday, April 30, 2012

Pic Overload Part 1

March-April recap pics:  So I know I've been behind in blogging.  Here's my try at catching up.  And from here on out I hope to post at least once a week!  I am really sad I haven't kept up, SO much has happened in baby girl's life and I want to remember it all.  
{cheering on the Jayhawks in March Madness}
{she didn't used to always be this big
{anywhere she goes, G goes too...and she loves her magnetic letters}
{our baby is no longer a baby...last 3 bottles of half formula half milk}
{her first 6 oz of Organic Whole Milk}
{grainy, but I love this little girl}
{officially out of her infant seat *tear*}
{she loves her babies and stuffed animals, she says "Aw!"}
{Cubs Home Opener game...Daddy was there, we were there in spirit}
{she fell asleep on me, which never happens anymore...she rarely even cuddles}

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