Saturday, April 7, 2012

Day Before Easter

{Addison's 2nd encounter with the Easter bunny}
Today I took Miss Lou to the park here in our neighborhood to meet the Easter bunny.  Last year, Addison was three or four weeks old.  Emily and Caitlin were out for their first time to meet Addison and see our new surroundings/lifestyle.  *Sigh* It is such a wonderful memory still.  Days spent at home being a mommy to my baby girl.  Sisters/Family in town.  Love!

This year was a bit different.  Mike woke up at 6:30 am to leave for work.  It was the first Addie/Mommy day we have had in a very long time.  So it was lovely in that sense.  It was hard too.  Hard seeing parents of children in my class, who say, "Your husband isn't around- once again?" or "I take it your husband is traveling?"  Confused that there are people who work weekends, not for an hourly wage.  Not knowing that the questions they ask sting...if only they knew how hard he works and how badly we wish we had more time together on days like this (it being Easter weekend, Christmas morning, her birthday, 4th of July, etc.).  They don't mean harm.  It's just hard to hear over and over and over again.  Yes, I have a husband who is amazing even though he isn't around 24/7.

Addison and I had a beyond fabulous day.  I coudn't have asked for a little girl to be in a better mood.  She was so happy and interactive.  I just ate her up!  She's transitioning to taking one nap a day- I know, getting too darn big.  I swear it was overnight she decided she didn't need two naps at home!  At schoold, she doesn't sleep longer than 30-40 minutes : (  She was SO routine on two naps a day for two hours each.  Until this weekend.  Guess it's about time I face the fact that she's well on her way to being a toddler!

After this terrible encounter with a 12 year-old dressed up in a bunny costume, Addison went down for a nap.  When she woke up, we headed to Mike's Grandma's house to color eggs and eat dinner.  It was a good time.  The weather was beautiful.  And Grandma's backyard is georgeous...everything is blooming!  She's such a good gardner...wish I could learn a thing or two from her green thumb.  It was a good hardy dinner- burgers, hotdogs, chips-dips, fruit salad, jello (always in their home- it's sugar free!!), potato salad, and homemade lemonade.  (pics soon)

It was a solid day all around.  If only gas prices were lower and our Grandparents lived would be better!


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  1. What a cute outfit she's wearing with that mean bunny. ;)