Monday, April 9, 2012

Flower Girl

Addison was a flower girl on her first birthday!  To me, I can't believe a bigger honor...AND on her b-day.  Such a lucky pun!  She truly is so lucky.  And we truly are so blessed.  We will see what she says when she gets older.  Not too much green on this day.  Their colors were purple and gray.  She still is beautiful and very blue eyed!
{post flower girl opperation...sutffing her face with french fries}
{they might be related}
{her first love}
{wedding participants}
{Momma and her baby girl}
{family photo}
{sadly the only "in their outfits" pic we have!}
{swear, he wasn't pushing her off..he fell and she almost did as well!!}
Not going to lie...being on the 'mom end' of a young flower was stressful!  I had to make sure she was fed, clean, poop free, and slept well in a strange place.  Thankfully, we were lucky.  I got to walk them down the aisle since lil' miss can't walk just yet.  She lost both shoes down the aisle.  I kicked them out of the way and it seemed as if nothing happened :)  I would love to see how the video/professional pics look!  

Megan and I were in such a rush.  Although, we didn't intend to be.  We really weren't in reality, we just felt like we were- we just didn't know what to expect as moms of these kids.  They're UNPREDICTABLE!  On top of that, we didn't eat lunch, so we too downed double cheese burgers in the car.  The girl who took our order told us she liked her dresses.  I'm pretty sure they thought we were crazy.  Ha!  It was such a memory making trip.  I hope to see them more often!  

Post ceremony, we ladies 'threw' the kids in the car with my mom and sister, Caitlin, who babysit double time for the night.  We are grateful.  We got to go to the rehearsal and enjoy ourselves and friends we haven't seen in months or years.  It was SO much fun!  The place was PERFECT...I was in love.  The festivities were outstanding.  It was a great night away and definitely a place where Addison and Michael would have been miserable.  

Here are some post children pics:
{Nicole and I...reppin PRC}
{HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADDISON!!  I got my green beer this year}
{bestest friends...Ryan and Megan}



  1. Hi Heather, still love reading your blog! I enjoy the pictures they are all so good. Addie is such a beautiful baby. You all looked so good in the family pic. Hoping to see you in May.
    Love you all
    Aunt Net

  2. Hi Heather,
    I am sitting here bored at work on my last day before MAUI!! So I thought I would catch up on your blog. I wasn't sure if you had seen the website with the wedding pics. It is just a shutterfly so I think 4x6s can be ordered for like 15 cents or something. You may be able to just download straight from the site too. There is a funny one where little michael is looking back and you can see Ryan pointing at him telling him to turn around in the back.

    Miss you! Will you have another Texas shower??

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