Friday, April 20, 2012

Happy Birthday GG!

Gracie turned FIVE today!  Hopefully, this means that she's growing out of her defiance! Ha ha ha, who am I kidding?  She has calmed down, but what dog doesn't as the years pass on?  She does fairly well with Addison.  Although there have been a few snaps here and there when Addie is going after her treat or toy.  When Gracie has none of the above, Addison can crawl anywhere around her and love on her all she wants.

I do love that Miss Ads is not afraid of dogs.  I know we will be teaching her about strange animals one day!  The other day she pet her first cat, no big deal.  She will go up to any dog, saying 'Doggie' and try to touch them.  Addison doesn't freak out when they approach her.  I guess my family took her out to my Grandma Knowles' barn and she saw horses and cows...she was unsure about these animals.  I don't blame her.  I don't like being too close either!  Plus, they are much bigger than her GG!

I baked G a dog friendly cake for her birthday and we made her rice and chicken for dinner.  She was on cloud 9.  Although, I'm sure her stomach was cramping since she's not used to such a feast.  We were a little worried about her.  {I must have deleted the pics of her eating her feast...oops!}

{we love you G}
{the meal}
{she's been my bedtime buddy lately...snuggle bug}


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