Tuesday, October 4, 2011

One For The Record

What a weekend.  Full of family.

Mike was off Thursday night.  Worked Friday into Saturday.  Off Saturday night.  And came home Sunday evening.

I am one happy wife.  I miss having him around on the weekends so terribly bad.

Addie and I wen to Nate's baseball game Saturday afternoon...she was up early and the house was pretty much cleaned by 10 am.  So, I took the two for a walk and headed out to see Nate show baseball who's boss.  I also owed a 'thank you' to the family that owns our local Gymboree Play Place (or whatever).  They gave us a month free.  Sweet!

Anyways...we arrived home to Daddy watching playoff baseball.  Go figure.  We had every intention of going to a pumpkin farm and we failed.  We went to Outback instead for a family date night and headed home for some good ol' Grey's Anatomy catch up.  (*side note:  we had to read the past episodes online...we apparently missed A LOT!)

Sunday, Addie and I went to church and saw an awesome speaker.  Mosab Hassan came for an interview with our lead pastor.  He was a Muslim that converted to Christianity.  Pretty crazy stuff.

Then Mike was home for dinner and another round of us time.  Great way to start off my poopy week.

I love you, Hun.  Thanks for a wonderful weekend.

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