Thursday, October 27, 2011

Another Milestone

For some odd reason sleeping on your belly is a milestone to me.  I frequently read article after article when I was pregnant.  Since Addison is an "easy baby," if there ever is such a thing, I haven't found myself reading as often.  She's pretty much "by the books" and doctor appointments seem to keep us in the loop.  I do feel as if I am way behind in feeding her solids, but whatever.  We are working at our own pace :)  And if I really thought I was harming her or holding her back, I'd make some serious changes.  But she seems very happy!

So, last night hubby and I walked into Addie's room just to look.  We both do that randomly and frequently.  (There are nights when I find myself doing that several times a night, other nights it's not until 5 or 6 am when I haven't heard a peep).)  We found her belly side down. #bigkid
{again tonight- in her school clothes b/c she couldn't wait}
{binky is still in her mouth!}
My mouth dropped open, tears filled my eyes- she's a big girl now.  Happy and sad feelings run through me.  Yes, I am pumped she's healthy, growing leaps and bounds, getting more fun as the minutes pass, eating like a monster, trying to move, and is shaping her little personality.

BUT...I miss those baby days.  I know why people have their children close together.  Gosh!  Baby fever maybe?  I see a newborn and I get teary eyed.  I want another.  However, it's in everyone's best interest if we wait a little while.  I miss swaddling her so snug as a bug.  I miss walking in and seeing her sleeping sleeping face sunny-side up.  I miss nursing.  I miss her little sunggly little body squish againt mine.  I love the videos we have and the bajillion pictures we took.

Addison, you are Mommy's little playmate.  I am looking forward to a weekend filled with Mommy-Addison time.  I love you baby girl.

Oh, AAAAANNNDDDDDD do you see the H.A.I.R.????  Holy moly Batman!

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  1. Look at all that hair!!!! Oh my gosh. I love it!