Sunday, October 23, 2011

Falling Asleep

Addison has never been one to fall asleep in anything but her bed.  Yes, her bouncy seat every now and then.  But today she passed out in her jumperoo!  Pretty much standing up...with the support of the seat.  Silly girl.

She was dong the head bob...the whole nine yards.  She was out cold.  I moved her to bed and she then cried.

I knew she was tired, but she wasn't fussy.  I let her play until she couldn't play anymore.  Poor baby.  I figured it was almost dinner time, so she'd eat and then be asleep.  I was wrong.  Such a good little girl.
{Gracie says, "what's the big deal?"}
{clasped hands and all}


  1. Definitely need pics of this one!!! --Jenny

  2. I can't get over her hair! It's grown since mom and I were there!!! So precious