Sunday, October 23, 2011

First Day w/Fruit

Yayyy, Addison!!  You have graduated to fruits today!  Last night was a rough one for Mommy.  We were solo b/c Daddy was at work (he comes home tonight- thank heavens!).  I believe you are cutting your other top tooth.  So, just like with the first top tooth about a week ago, you couldn't keep yourself content sleeping.  You wanted your binky, but it just made you mad b/c it hurt to suck.

I gave you tylenol at 2 am after you woke me up several times.  Then at 3 am you woke up, again at 3:30 and 3:45, so at 4 am I brought you into bed with Mommy.  You continued to scream, so I decided to change you out of your winter jammies (maybe you were too hot), change your diaper (maybe it was too wet or dirty), and at the last resort for some sleep I gave you a bottle.  Holy moly, Momma was stressing.  And exhausted.  *still am*

We missed church since you didn't wake up until 8:30, guess it's another Sunday I will watch the service online.  However, I am super bummed b/c I missed the whole series on 'American Idols.'  And the first service (3 weeks ago), I just started watching was given by the lead pastor...who I've never heard preach before.  Angry face.  I wouldn't change my life...I would just give myself a little more time :)

So, I gave you applesauce from the store with cereal and a 6 oz bottle at 9 am (an hour after your usual breakfast) and you ate every drop.

I'm sorry you are having issues with these teeth.  A runny nose doesn't help you when you need to suck on your bink either.  Arg!  Your bottom two teeth didn't seem to bug you whatsoever.  With all this said, we are still lucky b/c you are an amazing baby!  SO happy- SO well behaved.  I love you lil girl!

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