Tuesday, September 13, 2011

City Girl

Papa, Jenny, and Autnie Scooby came for a long weekend.  We all had so much fun!  And what's super, way out of this world cool is that Michael called in sick.  He really was sick...but not so under the weather that he couldn't hang out.  He was a trooper.  (side note: I've been sick all week.  Mike finally caught it...nasty head cold type deal, which makes it impossible to fly.  Ears popping, head aching...not a good mix.)

They came in later Thursday night...just in time for our Buffalo Wild Wings 60 cent boneless wing night!  We ordered carry out and ate at the house.  Addison stayed awake until they arrived.  She ate her last meal of the day...first time with carrots.  And went to bed.  She seemed to like the carrots...or she was just too tired to care they were in her cereal :)

Friday I worked (lame, lame, lame) and they played.  Mike was off this day.  And Friday night we adventured out to a new yummy restaurant in St. Charles.  Bristo One was a great pick by Jenny!  It was awesome having Hannah around too.  I don't get to see her much- she's totally growing up without me :(  I can't get over how big and adult-like she is!  It's always a good time when she's around.  Her humor is wonderful...and her good natured heart is not one for Dick's Last Stand.  lol.  Poor girl! (*side note: Dick's is like Ed Debevics...known for servers that treat you like poo and food that's not too great.  It's all about the experience.)
{our crew}
{Daddy's girl}
{peanut- looking huge fast asleep}
Saturday we were up early-ish...or normal time depending on who you are talking to. And headed into the city.  We got Jenny all checked in for the Chicago half at Navy Pier and walked around a bit.  We went to Harry Carrey's for lunch.  Man there is so much baseball history in there- so cool!  After lunch we went to check in at our hotel. Yes, Mike, Addie, and I stayed in the city!  SO fun!  Thanks again to Dad and Jenny for arranging everything and for switching rooms at the last minute! (Hannah didn't want to have a sleepover with her brother-in-law and since he was sick, he called in, so it was really last minute!)  

{My pilot}
{M dot personality...obviously not me :)}
{our lil' family}
{Daddy's girl #2...she hasn't fallen asleep like this in months!}
{the infamous Harry Caray}
Then we walked around Chicago...The Magnificent Mile, if you will.  It's wonderful.  But it's touristy!  First stop, Addison's shoes at Nike (pic to come).  Nothing is cuter than baby shoes...bottom line.  But Addie rockin' these shoes...is beyond adorable.  Ah!  I love it!  We went and got Mike's belated b-day gift from Apple (or is it Mac? lol).  He's now the owner of an iPad2.  It's very practical in his profession/lifestyle.  Always on the road...he should be traveling light.  Plus, I have the iPhone and now we can FaceTime.  Double cool/important/fun.  He gets to see his girls when he's away!  And vice-versa.  We went into H&M, which had some terribly loud music blaring on the first floor.  We bought Addie some clothes...lots of cute sweaters, socks, a fleece, and a winter coat...too stylish for mommy :)  For dinner we headed to Harry Caray's steakhouse.  It was about 2 minutes away...walking.  Cheap ride and no DD!  Only joking.  But not worth paying a cab ride to a restaurant when we had places close.

FYI If you are ever in Chicago, both places are wonderful.  Great atmosphere.  Good food.  But it's all about the company you are with.  It was wonderful...I love having my family here.  And it always makes me want to live closer.  Distance is lame.  
{Harry Caray cow at the steakhouse}
Addison will love this someday:  While at Harry Caray's steakhouse Saturday night, Addison was awake in her car seat in a sling (the 'new' way to place a baby at a table).  She woke up and was chatting so I picked her up.  I thought she smelled funny, but didn't think anything of it.  Once she started moving around I felt she was  damp.  Mike smiles and says, "Just for the record, I didn't change her diaper last."  So, I took her to the bathroom b/c they don't have a baby changing station in the mens restrooms.  And sure enough...full blowout.  She was in her jammies.  Ask Hannah...there was poo everywhere.  Up the back, up to her belly button, out her legs. Sick!  Poor Mommy, Auntie Scooby, and Addie!  

Sunday was race day!  We woke up early and took a cab ride to where Pops was waiting for Jenny.  It was SO cool and powerful (for the lack of a better word right now).  It made me want to get my fat booty up off the couch and do something.  Gosh, anything.  I'm feeling the flubbiest I've EVER been.  It's gross.  I will change this.  I must!  She did great, although you can read her thoughts on her blog.  She was a rock star to us...those who have never run this far consecutively in their lives :)  Red, White, and Blue day...since it was 9/11.  She wore Texas flag shorts...too cute.  Afterwards, we walked to find the L..unknowningly.  We got to the hotel, Jenny showered, we packed up our one night stay's mess and that's when we went to Dick's Last Stand.  

The end. lol.  Mike drove us back home and the extended fam took off :(  Thankfully, everyone in our families were safe on the 10th anniversary of 9/11.


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