Monday, March 4, 2013

Two Whole Months

Morgan, you turned 2 months on February 17th, so as you can see Mommy is slightly behind.  As of today you are closer to 3 months ;)  But for the sake of capturing your monthly pictures, keeping everyone up to date on your happenings, and creating memories of you, I shall write a post anyways!

Lets see.  You weigh 10 lbs 11 oz, which still puts you 3 oz over what your big sister weighed at your age.  You are a very happy baby.  Your second month of life has been filled with smiles.  We love to talk to you.  It's rewarding b/c you move your mouth with ours.  You don't talk a lot, but put a ton of effort into letting your voice be heard.  It's really stinking cute.  

You got 3 shots at the doctor and one oral drug.  You took the oral one like a champ b/c Mommy gives you Vitamin D drops daily.  Your first two shots went off without a hitch.  The nurse warned me about the third and told me to expect a scream.  It was terrible!  Your little face was upset- you were offended and in pain.  My heart broke.  I calmed you down quickly but your lower lip kept pouting, so I nursed you for a few minutes to calm you down.  And you ended up passing out.  You stayed in that state most of the night.  There was a big snow storm coming that night.  The snow started to fall as we left the doctors office.  We went to family pizza night (as we do every Thursday) and Auntie Kim watched you late that night while I picked MiMi up from the airport.  A spur of the moment surprise visit was awesome!

{"oh no, she didn't!"}
{sweet face...thinking what in the world is my mom doing to me}
{another grin}
{pretty princess}
Addison still adores you.  A small part of me is excited for you to become more independent b/c you two are going to have SO much fun playing.  Your big sister just started pretending and I LOVE it.  I can just imagine you girls playing dolls, princesses, school, and whatever else tickles your fancy.  This part of being a mom is awesome!

You usually sleep 8-9 hours a night!  Another FABULOUS sleeper!  I swear that Baby Wise stuff works.  Your last feeding is typically 8:30-9:30 pm and you sleep until 4:30-6:30 am.  I know I am lucky and am truly grateful you sleep that well.  If only mom could go to bed after that last feeding!  I will one day I am sure.

Morgan, Mommy still breast feeds you.  You are still an efficient and excellent eater!  It's great.  You love to nurse.  You take about 8-10 min a side, burp like a champ (usually), and you're happy.

You went on your first trip to San Diego your second month of life.  You were a trooper.  Slept and ate on the airplane like it was no big deal.  You weren't too fond of sleeping somewhere else over night though.  The first night you slept on Mommy's pillow...therefore, Mommy didn't get much sleep!  I forgot that when Addison traveled this young I swaddled her in her car seat.  So the second night that's what we did.  And you were fine.  You still like being swaddled.

{oh hello!}
{the seats we got (since we still fly standby) were ones standard passengers would purchase for more room, pretty cool set up)
{momma & morgie}
{pretty cool 'cloud' on our way back to the airport to go home}

We left Addison with Auntie Kim, Uncle Ron, Ryane, and Kyle as it was a short trip w/most of our time spent in the car.  We missed her SO much though!

You continue to be a huge blessing in our life.  We love you so much Miss Morgan Ann!

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