Monday, March 4, 2013

Phone Photo Purge (PPP)

{the poster at school letting all the families know the info on our baby girl #2!}

As I was clearing out some of the 300+ pictures on my phone, I stopped and realized that some of them were not put into the computer.  SO SAD!  But I guess I kept the 'important' ones.  Still...heartbreaking really.  So here is the past couple of months in iPhone photos.  Enjoy :)

{just born, so tiny}
{tears in my eyes as I was doing laundry...when did Addison get so big?}
{leaving the hospital}
{rocking out}
{many faces of Morgan}
{Addie on the left, Morgie on the right}
{Morgan on the left, Addie on the right}
{Addie on the left, Morgan on the right}
{sleepy smiles}
{she got a banana out of the toy machine. so proud}
{big sister. helper.}
{bubble in our bath}
{hugs for G}
{zebra hoodie, little girl, pigtails}
{first bath together!}
{Addie insisted on putting her arm around Morgan, then was talking to her, and giving her kisses}
{hi pretty}
{told you, always smiling}
{2 weeks till she's 2 :( tears}
{G is either protecting, or smothering}
{we eat snow for snacks up North!}


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