Monday, March 4, 2013

Our Little Valentines

I have learned that I LOVE dressing our girls the same.  I don't do it all the time (although I can see why ppl do).  But they just look so darn cute!  So for Valentine's Day I dressed them alike.  MiMi bought them these outfits when Morgan was born.  Sadly Morgan couldn't fit in her tiny little outfit without looking like the outfit swallowed her. lol.  However, for this special occasion it fit and they melted my heart.
{hanging with Dad}
{reading 'ABCs'}

We didn't do much.  As everyone already knows, Mike is not a fan of this 'holiday.'  We got heart shaped doughnuts for breakfast.  Then, since it was on a Thursday, we attended the family pizza outing.  And thats about it :)

{more interested in eating than looking cute for the camera!}
{Happy First Valentine's Day Morgan!}
{tutu's from Papa and Jenny}


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