Saturday, February 2, 2013


We live in the North.  The "windy city."  A place where there is snow in the winter.  Well, the past two winters(including this one), we have had relitively mild weather.  To me, it still has been super cold...we have had snow, but not stuck in your house snow.  I have learned (from my fab sister-in-law) to keep a stash of food in your freezer during the winter JUST IN CASE :) 

Anyways...we currently have no where to go and absolutely nothing to do.  I guess it's one of the worst flu sesasons in history and my babies will not be a cluprit of that god awful sickness.'s a perfect time for a huge snow storm that keeps us bottled up inside for a great reason!

This has not happened if you are aware of all things Chicago and winter right now.  Last night we did get a few inches and last week we got a couple that have since melted.  Here are some pics for proof.

Addie Lou, Daddy took you out to explore the cold and you loved it...for a short period of time.

{her first time out in the snow}
{taking pics through the window is tough}
{kisses for daddy}
{whee! getting tossed into the air by daddy is fun!}
{my loves}
{kisses for mommy and a boo boo on her chin/lip}
Morgan stayed all cozy inside with me :)  After the Addie/Daddy photo shoot, I found the littlest one hanging out full of smiles.
{Hi Morgie}
{Hi Mommy}
{sweet baby and a bright, crazy flash}
{pretty peanut}



  1. Just read your last two blogs and loved them as I always do. Your family is just perfect and beautiful! You are a great Mommy and will do fine taking care of Addie and Morgan!! I love the pictures! Thank you for sharing your life with us. Love you all! Aunt Net

  2. What awesome pictures Heather! You've got an awesome little family. :) Love you guys. :)