Thursday, January 17, 2013

One Month- For Real??


Mommy cannot believe it has been one whole month since you graced us with your presence!  I guess it's standard to say that with each update, but with the holidays I feel like your one month truly flew by for everyone.

Right now you still wear newborn diapers.  Your appointment is on Monday the 21st, so I am not exactly sure about your weight.  I did step on the scale just to's not 100% accurate, but it said you were 10 lbs on the money!  Holy moly little girl, if you are indeed 10 lbs, you've grown like a weed.  So, please slow down!

You are a great, quick, efficient, happy nurser.  You eat every 3 hours during the day and every 4-5 at night, which just happened this past week.  You are loving our schedule.  Mommy seems to have your favorite position to fall asleep the cradle hold or like I'm nursing you on my left side.  Usually with your like those binkies over the ones that Addison had.  So funny how different you already are!  I love it to the fullest, life would be too boring and plain if you were the same :)  I've been pumping since two weeks...I tend to overproduce and you choke and cough frequently.  I feel terrible.  Pumping has given Mommy some freedom and I have had my share of adult beverages.  You had your first bottle on New Years Eve.  Daddy did wonderful feeing you.  You took the bottle like a champ and have had no issues whatsoever!  Looks like we have another good baby on our hands!  Mommy enjoyed wine and champagne at midnight...I even got Daddy's midnight kiss in person for the first time in awhile (earmuffs).

My only worry has been your lack of poo.  You hadn't gone since Monday and I panicked.  Luckily, they said if your demeanor is happy and you are passing gas...oh wait.  Before I may be the gassiest baby I've ever known!  You truly take after your father...and mother.  I have to admit I am a gassy girl too.  As is your big sister.

You have been an absolute joyful addition to this family.  Addison adores you...and has truly only been jealous minimal times since your birth.  Addie is very vocal and is excellent at letting us know what she wants and when she wants it.  She also cannot keep her hands off of you, hates it when you cry, and always gives you kisses.  All three of us love you more than you will ever fathom!

Here are her One Month pics taken today:


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