Wednesday, February 13, 2013

23 Months


Mommy is in complete denial that we will be celebrating your SECOND birthday in just one short month.  And you will have to forgive me for slacking on the monthly updates.  I will do my best to give an overview of the past few months.  Of course, I will post as many pictures as possible b/c you are too darn cute!

{you're still a runt, but your belly is getting bigger}
{you loved the Christmas tree and the ornaments}
{we've experimented w/the potty and wearing princess panties}
{@Buffalo Wild Wings...a mommy/daughter date night}
{trying on Daddy's shoes}
{kisses for GG, which is what you call her}
{my belly made a nice pillow for a couple of months}
{breathing treatment #1, poor girl took it like a champ}
{you love the iPad and your games}
{and you love animals}
{cranky pants on mommy's computer not sharing}
{you love having ponytails...thank goodness}
{being a big sister has its perks}
{learning to say 'cheese' at the camera}
{one of your fav books- thanks Auntie Caitlin}
{Papa bought you your first love it now}
{this travel DVD player has brought us hours of joy}
{headphones are the new thing...even at(almost) 2}
{you and your friend Valerie}
{giving hugs....after all the fights, so much drama already}
{kisses from your friend Maya}
{big time boo boo on your chin from an accidental bump from GG}
{little burger}
{love these silly smiles}

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  1. Adorable pictures. Can't believe she's almost 2!!! See you guys in a few short weeks. Yay!