Sunday, April 11, 2010

April Showers Bring June Weddings?

Oh, Hello nice of you to arrive so soon and leave so quickly. Can I please slow time down now? LOL.

Yes, April you are flying by...too quickly for me to enjoy each of your days : ) 2 months and 3 days to go...or my official countdown: 64 days! Eeeeeekkkkkk!

I will feel MUCH better when everyone gets the RSVP's returned. I can then order favors and plan my tables accordingly. Until then, I still feel like I am walking in circles...aimlessly with a 'to-do' list miles long.

I am bummed to report my shower in Texas has been canceled due to the rationalities of me not being able to spend too much time with those attending. NBD. With every setback there is a positive outcome and adventure to experience. The cons just out weighed the pros, however, it is less time spent with my family during the last few months of the wedding planning process.

Is it strange that I get sad (for a moment) when I see people just getting engaged? I am obviously happy for them, but I wish I could go back. It has been such a wonderful year (Yes, it has been a full 365 days now!) and it's honestly been the best one yet. I know married life with Mike will be just as amazing. Nothing will ever replace the year we were engaged. Ya know? Being the shining bride-to-be, catching a glimpse of the new ring on your finger, everyone congratulating and asking questions, the chaos of planning, the nerves, dreams...even the nightmares are all such an experience. I love it.

I'm lucky. WE are lucky. I think it's funny that we still can't believe we met each other and here we are- planning a wedding that is just moments away. I can't wait. WE can't wait.

I love it when I talk about the wedding, our plans after the big day, our life after all this hype and people ask, "Does HE know about this?"(in reference to Mike) or "Does Mike agree?" And my face lights up, I show off a huge, cheesy grin and say, "Yes, he is beside me in all this...we are getting married and this is 'our' life together, I'm not making stuff up." Duh. I mean, why do you ask? To be funny I presume...thinking that every guy dreads getting married. As if finding the woman of your dreams isn't "cool." I guess for some guys it's not a priority or an importance. We sure didn't plan our life to pan out like this...ha ha ha. If things went as I planned in middle school, I'd be married with 2 kids by now. Funny how life works.

On that note, I'm off to scrapbook, walk the dog, go for a run, and head to work! Happy Friday : )


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