Saturday, March 27, 2010

Chicago Late March

Location: Chi Town
Purpose: Visiting family and mending loose ends for the wedding.

It was a long 6 day weekend...but 2 were travel days. Time always flies in Chicago, which freaks me out because the next time we are there is for the wedding. Thank goodness we will be out a whole week early. However, I think it's safe to assume that week will fly by just as fast as every Chicago trip for us. Can't there be a 'pause button' for life....maybe one that you get you use sparingly?

Met our young officiant and made sure he's what we wanted- check!
We met the florist for our last appointment- check!
Picked up my reset ring- check!
Check out the limo to make sure it met our standards- check!
Took surprise engagement pictures- check!

And on top of that we had several dinners and hang time with the family. Ryane, Kyle, and Nathan are all getting so big. It is always nice to sit around and catch up with those loved ones who live far away. We are lucky. We have great family members supporting us from both sides of the family and really couldn't be more blessed.

80 days away...and HOLY COW! We are almost there folks : )

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