Monday, April 26, 2010

Happy Two Months!

We are actually within two months- breathe in, breathe out, inhale, exhale. Everything will be alright.

No, life is going rather smoothly. We have all things planned, just finishing up details. ie. Making a list of songs we'd like to hear and ones that we will not allow to be played. Giving the schedule of wedding particulars to everyone who needs it. Trying to remember everyone who needs it. Scheduling events for the week before the wedding (massage, wax, Cubs games, meeting with The Met Club folks, hair run through, make up run through, getting my nails done, pedicure, rehearsal, and the rehearsal dinner). Then making sure I've got everything downtown that needs to be, by Saturday. I am also making sure all the stuff needed for the honeymoon magically appears in our wedding night suite...hummm. Thanking my Dad that we get a rental car : ) This will allow us to be in two places at the same time- whew!

Through all of this I've learned that allotting tasks to others is OK. In fact, it's encouraged. Even though I may not like doing so. It makes my 'to-do' list shorter and lots of people are beyond happy to help. It's nice knowing others will add to their 'to-do' list to make my life easier : )

I JUST finalized my reception decor...and I am SO SO SO SO SO excited. Now, this is wayyyyy behind my comfort zone for my timeline. But I literally could find NOTHING I loved. I will show pics for sureeee once I get 'em.

Doug moved in with us (again). We are excited b/c it saves some good money for us. And it gives Mike, G, and I an additional friend close. Work is great, the kids are getting SO big...I decided I'd share their sweet faces on my blog. With that...I'm going to say goodnight.


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  1. Love the blog and love the pics & video you posted. How cool! My coach recommends starting one of these if/when I start IM training. We'll see! I'm not sure everyone will care to read about how I'm killing myself!

    Miss you guys!