Sunday, February 28, 2010

Revamp Was Needed

Yayyy for a GREEN page : ) It's my favorite color, our wedding color, and, personally, the BEST color out there! I've spent some time looking at other people's blogs. Most of the ones I read are about my friends and their kids/families. We aren't quite there yet. But I figured blogging about our journey to the wedding would be a good start for me. I've gone back and forth with whether or not I should continue this blog. Hopefully, by the time a little one comes along, I will be a better blogger.

Good-bye February, Hello March : )

Mike and I spent 6 hours on Saturday pasting the parts of our invitations together. It's no secret, for the most part, our invitations were handmade. I think they look great, but I have a biased opinion! We did not print them at home and we did not create the 'pocket' backing. Our wedding theme is partly polka dots and I found a whopping ZERO invites I loved with polka dots. After searching high and low for a reasonable price for 'pocket fold invitations', I decided we'd need to crate our own. We saved around $1,000 on our invites. The money we saved made it easier to purchase our bridal party gifts and a rad limo post ceremony!! Yay for saving some dough.

*sigh* of relief...the invites will be in the mail tomorrow...that's a huge bear off my back!

I am sad, however, this weekend was Megan's baby shower and Angie was in Phoenix visiting friends both of which I had to miss. I am sorry girls, I hope you understand that I HAD to get our invites finished.

March First: rent is due, spring will arrive shortly, and 111 days till we are married.


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