Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Back Up The Train

Crazy, how I finally get a minute to sit down and a month has come and gone right before my very eyes!  Man, October must have been busy.  My Mac is still functioning minimally and my charger that I used bit the dust.  So, no computer on my part doesn't help the blogging world.

Anyways...I will pause on details of November to get everyone (my memory...cough, cough) caught up on October.

Miss Addison Irene turned 19 months old.  She now seems taller than ever before and talking all.the.time.  I love her talking though.  It may get old one day.  I'm sure when she learns the word why I will go insane, but for right now the talking is awesome.  She can communicate 24/7.  There isn't anything she says that we don't may take a minute or two, but we figure it out.  Addison loves to play.  I guess she has started a new thing where she closes her door.  Needing privacy to read books this early in life?  Lord, help us for when she turns 16!

We broke down in October and started giving her half chocolate milk half whole milk.  The kid finally drinks ONE whole cup of milk a day.  We are hoping we can increase that in November to TWO cups!  Doc says she must gain weight, so we are doing our best to help her do just that.  We feed her nonstop, but she doesn't always want to eat.  Do you blame her?  Addie, your favorite foods right now are oatmeal (we buy the maple/brown sugar low sugar), which you call 'moat meal' respectively.  You like Velveta shells and cheese, broccoli (still), peas (still), toast and cereal (especially on Saturday mornings with Mommy).  You really could live without fruit, but you eat yogurt.  You are very big on feeding yourself.  You don't mind if we help you, but you are great at using a spoon and fork and do a lot yourself.  It's funny b/c, when you get frustrated, you use your hands.  I like that you are determined, but aren't afraid to revert to what you know :)

Still in a size 3 diaper...we are hoping this also increases with your weight gain in November!  Seems silly, but it's the small things in life sometimes, my dear.  You wear 18-24 months clothes.  We said good-bye to your 12 month jammies awhile ago.

This past month Addie has tried to give us a hard time when going down for a nap or bed.  We try to get into a familiar routine so that she knows what to expect.  It seems to be working thus far.  Mommy cannot stand it when you cry...and Ads, you've been giving Daddy a run for his money on days you are home with him.  You little stinker!

In October, Addison also learned all her Aunties' names.  She says them all when they aren't an ear shot away.  Rarely on FaceTime and the phone, of course!  She repeats anything and everything we ask her's been a lot of fun.  Little girl, you still love to read.  We are all looking forward to some new books for Christmas.  Our next educational project is colors and the ABC's.  We haven't mastered those yet, but she does know the letter 'A' is for Addison :)  And it melts my heart!

Addie, you are such a sweet little girl.  Don't get me wrong, you have your stinker side that you like to flare often.  However, there are several moments when you will run up to me or Daddy screaming our name and only wanting to give a hug or snuggle up with us.  You are great at giving kisses still.

We are one more month closer to adding another addition to our family and I pray every single day that you, baby girl, do not feel less important or fall to the wayside.  YOU are the reason we wanted to have another baby.  Not only because you are a blessing in our lives, but because we know you will love growing up with another child around :)  We love you to the moon and back Princess!

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  1. Yay! Glad you posted again. The new blog background is super cute. Glad to hear she likes the chocolate milk. Happy November! Love you all. :)