Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ft. Worth Zoo

We headed to Ft. Worth to visit Daddy this past weekend.  He was there for training for ten days and we all know I'd go crazy if I stayed home the whole time.  So, I got to use my flight benefits, see my hubby, and my family all in one bang.

It was awesome b/c Caitlin just got back to school.  She had a free day and we went to the zoo.  Addison loves animals and she's at the age where she's learning SO much.  Fish are her favorite, but she quickly learned that there are a lot of animals out there.  She did great.  Here are some pics.
{just the 3 of us}
{saying "Hi" to the flamingos}
{reaching for the birds}
{too cute}
{Auntie Caitlin, Addie, and a rhino}
{HUGE koi}
{Addie and the baby elephant statue}
{Addie and the bear}
{her favorite}

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