Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Best Friends

Gracie still doesn't know what to think of Addison.  For the most part, they are good to each other.  Addie doesn't understand why G won't share her treats and she doesn't like the surprise pounce/attack hug every now and then.  I love to see them interact.  Addison will give her kisses all.the.time.  Lately, she has been backing up into Gracie's lap and just sitting there.  Sadly, G doesn't like it much a jumps up within a matter of minutes.  Addison will also lay her head down anywhere near her furry sister.  I truly think they'll have a relationship...although G is so finicky when it comes to Addie.  G acts as if she could care less.  Then I find her like this:
{I don't need to watch Addie- I've got a sitter}
{kind of sitting in her lap}
{a G break}
{petting her}
{giving her kisses}
{just out of the bath...and a hug for G}
 I kills me...I never had a relationship with a childhood dog.  We had a few that stand out in my mind and the others left quickly due to biting the kids or other issues along those lines.  So, I'm excited to contribute to Addison childhood.  I guess Gracie is worth all the pain in the butt-ness!  Speaking of...she shed SO ungodly much this year.  We figured she built up a great winter coat this year since this was her first full Chicago winter.  On the down side, she had to shed that lovely coat.
{from a single brush session after I went to AZ in June}


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