Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Two Whole Years

We made it!  No, only joking.  Michael and I have been married for two years.  Doesn't seem quite right.  Two years and baby #2 on the way.  People joke, what happens next year?  My response, "Not three in three...promise!"  Mike was on a trip during the day, but made sure I felt exceptionally special.
{breakfast casserole thanks to my wonderful sister-in-law, Kim}
{my favorite beef place for lunch}
{balloons tied to the car to make a scene}
{more balloons with a sweet card and beautiful flowers}
{close up}
{dinner in the place we got married}
It was more than I ever thought he'd do.  He's not big on celebrations, but this is a day we should celebrate if any.  I felt so special and loved on this day.  He did excellent.

{before dinner, dropping Addison off at the Two Bulls house}
{my love and I}
{cheers to us, babe}


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