Monday, June 14, 2010

We Arrived Safe n' Sound

We had an eventful day Saturday! We woke up to a wonderful breakfast display: fresh fruit, bacon, sausage, english muffins, and a scrambled egg casserole. Mike, Doug, and I brought down champagne we had left over in our frig and drank that with some OJ to get started on the right foot : ) It was a fabulous treat- Thanks so much to Mike's mom, Pat, for preparing, cooking, and cleaning up after us. We were a little behind schedule post breakfast and had to rush to the airport. Upon our arrival, we checked the gate and it was empty, so we figured they hadn't started boarding. Little did we know, they had already boarded and our names were being called over the intercom. Oops! There's a first for everything and we are just thankful we didn't miss our flight.

I wore my "Bride-to-be" sash for one last hurrah. That turned out to be a great match with Mike's tux t-shirt and several people congratulated us throughout the airport. Once we got seated, the flight attendant, Rob, made an announcement over the intercom about us, "the about to be married couple sitting in or near the exit rows." Another round of congratulatory cheers. We weren't sitting together (remember we were the last people on the plane on Southwest), so Rob said if anyone would switch us seats in order for us to be together, they'd get free drinks. About mid flight a kind lady switched for us (and she never got her drink!!). The lady flight attendant whose name I did not get, asked us for our first names. This seemed extremely out of her character, as she was the one glaring at us when we got on the plane. Shortly after, she got on the intercom, asked everyone to close their windows and turn on their call buttons. They turned off the cabin lights and played "Going to the Chapel" over the intercom. They called us up to the front and crowned us with peanut pack and stir stick crowns. It was great. Again, everyone cheered and said Congratulations. They really made that flight special for us!

Doug was counting how many people congratulated us in any way, shape, or form and quickly lost track.

We landed safe, got our rental car, grabbed lunch and headed home to see the family. The weather has been rainy and cloudy thus far, but we are happy with that now (rather than later in the week or on the big day). Off to start my last Monday as a fiance!!


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  1. Love the pic of the crowns!!!! That's too cute!!! You guys looked so good at the wedding...the most beautiful and the most handsome!!!!!